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Q: What Should I Bring to My Appointment?

A: All patients over the age of 18 need to bring a valid form of identification. You will also need a referral from your dentist requesting treatment. Any medical or dental insurance cards along with a list of any medications you are taking are also helpful

A: A parent or legal guardian must be present for the consultation and surgery visits. They will need to remain in our waiting area for the entire duration of surgery. **Family members with a signed note from the parents will not be considered acceptable guardians at the time of service.

A: An estimate of benefits will be reviewed after the consultation and prior to the surgery. Any out of pocket will be due prior to surgical services being performed. If you need to know your out of pocket amount in advance we recommend scheduling for your consultation ONLY as your first visit.

A: As a surgical center we do our best to predict how long a surgery will take. Most patients can expect to be in our office for 30-60 minutes for the consultation and an additional hour to 1.5 hours for their procedure.

A: Your risk for dry socket largely depends on the procedure you are having. After an extraction a clot of blood will form in the site. This clot will remain in place for a couple of days protecting the exposed bone. If the clot becomes dislodged too early either from bacteria, suction, smoking or other biological factors the bone can become exposed forming what is know as “Dry Socket”. 

If you think you experience symptoms contact our office immediately.

A: Most of the sutures we use are dissolvable and will fully dissolve 7-10 days post-surgery. Sutures can come loose or completely fall out in the days immediately following surgery. No action is necessary unless you notice increased pain or bleeding in the site. If this occurs please contact our office immediately.

A: Peak for pain and swelling is 3-4 days after wisdom tooth removal. Many patients begin clenching their jaw around this time which can result in headaches as well. Take your medications as prescribed and use moist warm heat to ease the tight muscles. If the medications do not help and the pain persists please contact our office immediately.

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